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Estate Planing

Estate Planning
Estate Planning covers documents related to assessing your assets and determining how to distribute them before and after your death.
The first step in planning your estate is identifying your major objectives. 



Plan for your family's future
You may want to choose a trusted trustee and give them the necessary authority to administer your estate. Couples want to provide enough money for the surviving spouse. They often choose to provide his income through life insurance particularly for spouses who don't work outside of the home. Couples with children want to assure their education and upbringing. If you have children under 18, both you and your spouse should have a will nominating personal guardians for the children, in case you both should die before they grow up. Otherwise, a court will decide without your input where your kids will live and who will make important decisions about their money, education, and way of life.

Provide for others
A special trust fund could be established for family members who would need support if you weren't there to provide.

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